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Cheap Budget Gaming Computer

So this was a build for my buddy’s son named Lucas. He wanted something that his son could game on, but that wasn’t too terribly expensive. I told my buddy Gus that I had a i3-4160 desktop that I wasn’t using that he could have. He was stoked! But instead of just giving him said PC, I decided to make the whole thing look pretty too. Check it out here. Parts below can all be found on PCpartpicker:

Processor i3-4160:

Motherboard H81M-P33:

CPU Cooler:
Cryorig M9i:

Graphics Card:
Gigabyte RX 550 2GB:

Power Supply:
EVGA 430W:

WD Blue 1TB:

SK Hynix 4×2 8GB:


I hope you all enjoyed the video!
Watch later on tomorrow for the Benchmark of Tomb Raider (2013) on he RX 550 2GB!

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